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Why Freeman Tax Law Trusts LawPay to Support Their Modern Firm

Callie Hinman
Apr 03, 2019

Specializing in tax matters means attorney Jeff Freeman has a particular appreciation for compliance. So when it was time for his Michigan-based practice, Freeman Tax Law, to upgrade their online payment solution, the LawPay team’s extensive knowledge of ABA and state bar trust accounting rules was a major differentiator.

“I would rather use LawPay than any other competitor because they understand the practice of law and the rules that I’m required to follow as a lawyer,” says Freeman. “[For example], it’s our responsibility to ensure that funds received by our law firm are not commingled with our assets. LawPay helps us do that.”

Not only does LawPay prevent commingling of funds by properly separating earned and unearned fees, the software also protects firms' trust accounts against any third-party debiting, ensuring IOLTA compliance.

Watch the video below to learn more about how this boutique law firm takes advantage of the online payment solution developed just for lawyers.

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