You and paper checks have been through a lot together. You've had some good times. But lately, paper checks just haven't been what you need them to be.

You deserve a payment option that doesn't leave you waiting around for days, weeks, or even months to show up. You deserve payments that arrive when you expect them to. Payments you can count on.

We know that breakups are hard. LawPay is here to make your life a little better, with faster, easier, and more reliable payments.

Kiss paper checks goodbye and move on with LawPay.

Industry leading program

1.95% + 20¢ Visa, Mastercard, Discover
2.95% + 20¢ Specialty cards
(Includes AMEX, corporate and other reward cards)
0% + $2 per eCheck/ACH transactions

Card brand network fees may apply

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PCI compliance &
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Why LawPay?

For over a decade LawPay has saved law firms both time and money when accepting online payments. Check out how LawPay is making a difference in The Law Office of Rob Chestnutt.

"The best experience with LawPay is that I don’t have to think about it. It gives me time to focus on my law practice, spend time with my family, and it’s something that I know is taken care of.”

— Rob Chesnutt, Defense Attorney