LawPay and Tali are teaming up to make attorneys' lives easier with simpler time tracking and billing technologies

Hands-free time management for lawyers

Tali is a time tracking assistant that allows you to record your billable hours through conversational technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Simply use your voice (or chat-based technology) to describe each task and Tali will make a record of it, and can even sync it to the most popular practice management solutions. Combined with LawPay, you'll be able to record your time and get paid faster than ever before, all with minimal effort.

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Say it

Use popular conversational technology, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and others to effortlessly record your billable hours.

See it

The Tali Dashboard keeps all of your recorded tasks organized in one place. Easily review everything you’ve entered for the day and make adjustments as needed.

Sync it

Tali integrates seamlessly with the most popular practice management solutions, and can sync all of your recorded entries to these platforms instantly.

Get paid

Get paid faster for all the tasks you’ve recorded throughout the day with LawPay’s simple yet powerful payment features.

How LawPay works for you

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Straightforward, competitive pricing

No set-up or cancellation fees

No equipment or swipe needed

Advanced fraud protection and data encryption

Expert in-house support

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