LawPay is partnering with Red Cave Law Firm Consulting to help lawyers and law firms improve their business decision-making skills.

You help your clients. Let us help you manage your business.

Red Cave Law Firm Consulting is a subscription-based business management consulting service developed specifically for legal professionals. With over a decade of experience, Red Cave offers practical advice to improve your firm’s marketing, accounting, and technology solutions, as well as consistent support and accountability as you push towards your goals.

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Personalized consultations

Discuss your practices and goals with a personal advisor on a monthly basis.

Focused audits

Have a professional consultant analyze your business operations from top to bottom.

Tailored recommendations

Based on your firm’s size and specialization, you’ll receive suggestions for technology solutions and effective practices.

Faster client payments

Recommended by Red Cave Consulting, LawPay helps you manage payments and grow revenue in your firm.

How LawPay works for you

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Straightforward, competitive pricing

No set-up or cancellation fees

No equipment or swipe needed

Advanced fraud protection and data encryption

Expert in-house support

Five Stars
I have been working with LawPay for over a decade, and am excited to enter into a formal partnership with them. I talk to lawyers all over the United States about modernizing their payment processing and about how LawPay is a fundamental solution for doing just that. Red Cave helps law firms to improve their business practices, while LawPay helps them to make more money. That's a one-two punch that law firms can rely on.
testimonial author - Jared D. Correia
Jared D. Correia
CEO, Red Cave Law Firm Consulting