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LawPay increases law firm revenue by speeding up cash flow and improving collection rates — advice that’s too good to keep to yourself. Recommend LawPay and help a colleague improve their practice.


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Making a Difference
  • We did not accept credit cards before LawPay. Since joining LawPay, our clientele has nearly doubled! We love LawPay! It has completely changed our practice.
    Maria E. McIntyre, Nayar & McIntyre, LLP
    Dallas, TX
  • I can sum up my experience with LawPay in one word: Amazing! I cannot say enough good things about LawPay and how happy I am that I made the switch.
    Stephen P. Shepard, The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard
    Towson, MD
  • LawPay has made it extremely easy and convenient for our firm to process payments from clients, allowing them to pay online or via email with the online link and portal.
    Shawn B. Hamp, The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp P.C.
    Kingman, AZ
  • We spent three years vetting LawPay against their competitors. In the end, it was the only choice.
    Terry Hill, The Florida Bar
    Tallahassee, FL
  • LawPay is the very first service that comes to mind when our lawyers request information on a reputable company for managing their trust accounts.
    Natalie R. Kelly, State Bar of Georgia
    Atlanta, GA
  • Every time I receive payment from LawPay I am absolutely ecstatic how easy it is and how I save a good 20/30 minutes “at least” of my time per client.
    John J. Husson, The Law Office of John J. Husson, LLC
    Castle Rock, CO
  • Thank you for establishing and operating an exceptional organization that employs such superior individuals.
    Bryan Freeland, Neduchal & Maggie PA
    Orlando, FL
  • I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you for your great tech support! Not only are they quick and efficient, but they are also extremely friendly and personable.
    Missi Maracacci, Burns White LLC
    Pittsburgh, PA