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Over the past 15 years serving more than 145,000 lawyers, we have built a reputation as the go-to payment solution for firms of all sizes and established LawPay as a pillar of the business technology suite. We have worked hand-in-hand with law firms of all sizes to understand their needs, pain points, and what it takes for them to be successful. This has informed every aspect of our service, our technology, and the way we run our company. We are honored to be the only payment solution approved by all 50 state bars, more than 60 local and specialty bars, the ABA, and the ALA.
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LawPay Benefits

Correctly separate fees

LawPay's proprietary technology correctly separates earned and unearned fees and protects IOLTA accounts from any third-party invasion in compliance with ABA Rules of Professional Conduct and most state bar IOLTA guidelines.

Easy online payments

You receive customized payment links for multiple accounts that can be loaded on to a website, emailed directly to your client, or presented on your bills. Clients can pay by card or eCheck, which has just a flat $2/eCheck transaction fee and NO processing fees.

Powerful processing

LawPay's technology has a system uptime percentage of 99.991% with more than 12 million transactions and processing more than $8 billion per year.

Adaptable, proprietary technology

Because we own our technology, we're positioned to be nimble and flexible in reacting to real time changes in the payments and legal landscapes.

PCI included

LawPay's technology meets the highest security standards for Internet security (PCI Level 1) and includes a custom law firm PCI compliance program for no additional cost.

Choose a proven solution

Whether you’re accepting credit cards for the first time, need help managing the business side of your practice, or want to integrate LawPay with your preferred practice management software—we have you covered.

Accept Payments

Accept all major credit cards and eChecks through your customized, secure payment pages, recurring payment plans, or using our Quick Bill feature that let's clients pay with just a click (and 58% are paid the same day a request is sent!).

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Manage Payments

Plan payments in advance, get detailed transaction information, easily reconcile deposits, and tag transactions to create custom reports. LawPay is designed to help you manage your practice with a robust set of solutions.

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Integrate Payments

LawPay is fully integrated into more than 40 popular legal software products. We also have the ability to build customized integrations into any accounting and/or practice management system at no cost to your firm.

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How LawPay works for you.

Included with Clio:

LawPay makes it easy for firms of all sizes to accept online payments with confidence.

Straight forward, competitive pricing
No set-up or cancellation fees
No equipment or swipe needed
Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
Expert in-house support
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