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Technology companies that understand how to harness the power of payments have an edge over the competition.

Integrating with LawPay gives you the opportunity to almost instantaneously deliver an exceptional user experince for your clients while simultaneously reducing your risk and tapping into a lucrative revenue stream to accelerate your growth.

Our developer-friendly API and SDK libraries give you the ability to seamlessly add AffiniPay technology and online payments as a feature of your product.

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The most trusted payment technology for professionals

Open APIs ›

Take your product to market by integrating a proven, industry-specific solution rather than building something from scratch. We have an open, documented API platform based on REST-ful best practices, which make it easy to build custom payment integrations. We have native language bindings for Microsoft.NET, PHP, and Ruby.

Full-service, developer-focused support ›

At AffiniPay, we support your developers and your product with simple yet robust technology that is easy to implement and just works! Our dedicated integrations support team is here to answer any questions you might have to ensure your integration is successful. You can access our comprehensive library of API documentation at developers.affinipay.com.

In-house support for your users ›

Don't trust your business and your reputation to a generic payment processor who doesn't understand and won't support you or your users. We're committed to assisting your users and their clients with best-in-class, onsite support from our in-office team of Certified Payments Professionals.

With AffiniPay as your trusted payments partner, take your product to market faster by integrating a proven, industry-specific solution rather than building something from scratch.

Core Payment Features

Onboarding APIs

Connect systems easily to get your users processing faster

Run a Charge

Enable your users to quickly and seamlessly accept payments


Void payments altogether before end of day, or allow for refunds at a later time

Bank-grade Security


Full end-to-end encryption to minimize exposure of sensitive data

Hosted Payment Fields

Create a seamless payment experience while minimizing your own PCI scope

PCI Level 1 Compliance

Our technology exceeds the highest standards for internet security and compliance

Flexibility for 100% Control

Recurring Payments

Enable flexible, recurring payment profiles for your users and their clients

Payment Portal

Give your users a simple way to request payment and view/manage these requests

In addition to a robust payment partner and a lucrative revenue stream, by partnering with LawPay, you and your customers will benefit from:

Payments expertise provided by Certified Payments Professionals

Industry-specific technology

In-house customer service and training

Flexible rates for your customers

Ongoing sales and marketing assistance

Developer and custom solution support

Explore our developer documentation for yourself.

View technical documentation

Partner with LawPay

We’re always looking to partner with top legal software and service providers. Contact us to learn more about how to integrate with our patented payment processing solution.

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