LawPay Reviews

As experts in legal payment processing, LawPay keeps me up to date with the latest changes in the industry.

Andrea St. Leger

Clients love to pay by credit card and that makes it really easy for us. No billing hassles, zero receivables after about a year in the business. LawPay is where to go.

Andrew Kucera

Thank you for establishing and operating an exceptional organization that employs such superior individuals.

Bryan Freeland

Our organization RapidPay has partnered with LawPay to allow our clients to get paid a lot faster by having the integration sitting straight on their invoices. This means the client can get paid by credit card, over the internet, in seconds.

Cathie Orgill

I would highly recommend LawPay to my colleagues and other members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. I know I can trust LawPay to handle our transactions correctly.

Cathy Christensen

Whether you're sending an invoice to collect for work done or need to request funds for a trust account, credit card processing is huge. LawPay is a key factor allowing firms to run in an efficient, automated fashion.

Chad Burton

LawPay's been excellent. It's really facilitated our clients paying and actually signing up with us whereas they may otherwise walk out the door. It's made a big difference.

Charles Palmer

Our favorite part about using LawPay is the convenience to the clients. We run our bills biweekly and so it's the most convenient way for our clients to pay their bills on time. It's quick, it's easy, and there's no hassle.

Christie Feyen

I would absolutely recommend LawPay to any firm of any size. It's an incredible tool to get your collections up and get your bills paid on time. It's so easy for clients and they seem to really love it.

Christie Feyen

My favorite part about LawPay is that it's easy for me to use, and on the few times that I've had to call customer service, they've been very patient with me. They've been very step-by-step in terms of explaining things to me.

Claire Carter

I would recommend LawPay to anybody. LawPay has been a significant aspect in reducing my stress and anxiety over how to keep a practice going and growing.

Claire Carter

LawPay makes the likelihood of getting paid so much higher because clients don’t have to take out money or find their checkbook—They can pay for my services with just the click of a button.

Damian J. Turco

I have seen many different options for merchant services and I have found LawPay to be the most user-friendly—both from the attorney’s interface and the client’s.

Damian J. Turco

We are big fans of LawPay because it makes it so easy for attorneys to accept online payments. By offering a simple and secure way to pay, attorneys can immediately increase the number of clients who are able to engage with them.

Dave Aarons

We recently integrated with LawPay because all of our customers were asking for it. They were demanding that we do it for one very simple reason: they are the most recognized credit card processing company in the US, exclusively made for attorneys.

Dave Bitton

If you're using PracticePanther, we highly recommend using LawPay because they're one of the only credit card processors that is compliant with the ABA's strict IOLTA guidelines.

David Bitton

Many people don't know but when you take a credit card payment to your trust account, the fees must come out of your operating account. And they're the only ones that can do this, which is why we trust them with credit card processing for our clients.

David Bitton

One of the many reasons we recommend LawPay to our members is the customer support. In fact, we use them to process our own payments for the Allegheny Bar. LawPay is a no-brainer.

David Blaner

It just takes the complexity of accepting credit cards right out of the process. Clients decide they want to have us work for them, we take a little bit of information and boom, they're ready to go out the door and we have payment.

Dierdre O'Donnell

We think it saves time for them and it certainly saves time for us. I think our collection rates have really improved since we've had LawPay.

Dierdre O'Donnell

Our clients love the convenience of using LawPay. It's so easy to use with Clio.

George Psiharis

A lot of people think with credit card payment, it's complicated or you might have a merchant agreement to worry about. It's not—it's easy. It's a great way to collect and see how you're doing business-wise.

Janet Reinarz

I don't have a lot of time to learn complex systems, and LawPay makes sense to me. When I have a question, I call them up and everyone helps me.

Jennifer Reck

I'm a brand new attorney, and luckily I heard about LawPay early on. It makes life much easier, especially when you're first setting up a business, and wanting to make sure your trust fund and your operating fund are separate and clean.

Jennifer Reck

I've been using LawPay for about three years now and in that time, our collection rate has gone up 10 percent. We love LawPay. They're great.

Jennifer Shaw

I can't imagine having to do business without LawPay. We know our money in our IOLTA accounts is protected, and it encourages our clients to pay on time.

JoAl Cannon Sheridan

Outstanding. I really appreciate your professionalism and courtesies. For years, I resisted credit cards. But now that we are rolling with you guys, I realize I was wrong, and I am very happy that we made the transition.

Joe K. Crews

Every time I receive payment from LawPay I am absolutely ecstatic how easy it is and how I save a good 20/30 minutes “at least” of my time per client.

John J. Husson

We're seeing a rise in payments on the same day the bill is issued. No longer do you have to wait for your invoices to be paid, hound your clients, or take checks to the bank. With Clio Payments by LawPay, you get paid instantly.

Joshua Lenon

About 75 percent of my clients are paying somehow through credit card processing. I get paid a lot faster and my accounts receivable are way down. I've set up a separate page on my website and my clients are really enjoying it, so I've been very happy.

Katie Floyd

We did not accept credit cards before LawPay. Since joining LawPay, our clientele has nearly doubled! We love LawPay! It has completely changed our practice.

Maria E. McIntyre

Our clients who use LawPay have a cash flow that is dramatically different from our clients who don’t. Without LawPay, we see attorneys with a lot of accounts receivable, which is just money left on the table.

Micky Deming

I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you for your great tech support! Not only are they quick and efficient, but they are also extremely friendly and personable.

Missi Maracacci

LawPay is the very first service that comes to mind when our lawyers request information on a reputable company for managing their trust accounts.

Natalie R. Kelly

My firm started using LawPay in response to more of our clients wanting to pay retainers and invoices by credit card. We recommend LawPay to our colleagues frequently.

Paul C. Jorgensen

Clio Payments powered by LawPay is a great way for lawyers to do a better job of collecting on their invoices in a more timely fashion and to provide their customers with a better payments experience.

Rian Gauvreau

LawPay is an essential component of our firm, and has been instrumental in the incredible growth we have enjoyed.

Ryan Ahmed

LawPay has made it extremely easy and convenient for our firm to process payments from clients, allowing them to pay online or via email with the online link and portal.

Shawn B. Hamp

I can sum up my experience with LawPay in one word: Amazing! I cannot say enough good things about LawPay and how happy I am that I made the switch.

Stephen P. Shepard

We spent three years vetting LawPay against their competitors. In the end, it was the only choice.

Terry Hill

We wanted to partner with the payment solution that attorneys know and trust.

Tom Boyle