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Plan payments in advance, get detailed transaction information, refund payments, and manage your finances and your practice with a robust set of solutions.

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Scheduled Payments

The easiest way to ensure payment from clients is to set up transactions in advance with our Scheduled Payments feature. When charges process automatically, you maximize cash flow by guaranteeing invoices are paid.

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We know you’re not just practicing law—you’re running a business. LawPay gives you the reporting details you need to simplify reconciliation so you can get back to serving your clients.

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ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and most state bar trust accounting rules provide strict guidelines for law firms to ensure they avoid commingling funds. We developed LawPay with input from bar association partners and their ethics committees to ensure legal payments are handled correctly.

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We know you’re not just practicing law—you’re running a business. That’s why we’ve created the LawPay dashboard to provide you with instant access to key business metrics.

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Advanced Security

Security and management of client card information has never been more important. With LawPay, you never have to handle sensitive credit card details again. Clients can enter their own information through your custom payment page, and we handle the rest.

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If you need to return client funds, LawPay provides two easy ways for you to manage the transaction. When returning funds on the same day, you can void the payment entirely. Even if more than a day has passed, you can refund client payments with just a click.

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Quick Bill

Quick Bill is your secret to getting paid faster. In fact, 57 percent of paid Quick Bills are paid on the same day the invoice is sent. Use Quick Bill to send clients an email with a secure link to your custom payment page where they can easily pay their invoice with just a few clicks. You can also instantly see which invoices have been sent, viewed, or paid and which are still outstanding.

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My favorite part about LawPay is that it's easy for me to use, and on the few times that I've had to call customer service, they've been very patient with me. They've been very step-by-step in terms of explaining things to me.
Claire Carter
Attorney & CEO, Claire Carter Legal
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