Simplified modern payments, designed for family lawyers

We understand the stress and emotional exhaustion that comes with handling family law cases. We developed LawPay specifically to make payments as easy as possible for both you and your clients. Anytime you run a transaction, your earned and unearned fees are always properly separated. And you can rest easy knowing your IOLTA account is protected from any third-party debiting. All the while, you can offer your family law clients the convenience of paying you online, anytime and anywhere. No matter what your specific payment needs are, LawPay makes it work.

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LawPay Dashboard

Features for family lawyers

Account Protection

Take card payments directly into your trust account or operating account, and keep your IOLTA account protected from third-party debiting.

Scheduled Payments

Create recurring payment plans that can bill your client at set intervals, or until a limit is reached.

Simplified Billing

Easily send your clients payment requests that they can pay anytime anywhere with a click of a button.

All the ways you can use LawPay.

LawPay makes it easy for you to collect client payments through a number of different methods.

In-office entries through your own LawPay portal
Secure online payment pages sent to clients
Through most of the top practice management solutions
On the go with our mobile app
Automatic processing with Scheduled Payments