Quick Bill

You need an easy way to track and manage the payment requests you’ve sent to your clients. With our Quick Bill feature, you can not only easily send payment requests, but also view all past Quick Bills you’ve sent, as well as which have been viewed or paid, or are still outstanding. See payments as they come in, stay on top of unpaid Quick Bills, and get a better grasp of your firm’s cash flow.

Take control of your cash flow


Send an email request for a specific payment amount so clients can pay with just a click.


See everything you need to manage payments and predict cash flow in one screen.


Knowing the status of every Quick Bill you've sent lets you stay on top of payments and follow up if needed.

How It Works

Accepting and managing payments has never been easier

Quick Bill gives you the detailed payment information you need to stay on top of your billing and better predict future payments and cash flow for your firm.

Track all sent Quick Bills

Click the Quick Bills tab in your LawPay account to see the status of all past Quick Bills you’ve sent at a glance. You can view which have been opened or viewed, which are outstanding or paid, and how those bills were paid.

Customize the payment experience

With a custom portal that’s unique to each user, you can show each of your clients their outstanding Quick Bills and let them pay one or more at a time. Give clients a personal, professional way to pay outstanding Quick Bills, all in one place.

Use data for better forecasting

You can also track exactly how your clients have paid Quick Bills in the past. Whether they’ve paid online, in-office, or with cash, you’ll be better able to forecast future payments and cash flow based on past behavior.

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