It all starts with a handshake.

We know where your transactions truly begin: a handshake and an agreement between you and your client. We also understand the value of that relationship, so we do our part to ensure it’s never compromised.

Clients conveniently pay with a click.

Whether it's for earned fees, retainers, or advanced payments, our program makes it easy to accept payments from all major credit cards. Collect payments in your office, through your website, and on the go. No matter where you get paid, all transactions are secure.

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Payments deposit into the correct trust or operating account.

Transactions are deposited in full. Unearned fees are separated into your IOLTA account, while earned fees deposit to your operating account. You never have to worry about commingling funds.

Rest easy with guaranteed protection.

Your funds are not only separated correctly, we legally protect the attorney trust account from all third-party access. No debits are allowed from your IOLTA at any time, for any reason. Processing fees are only debited from your operating account once a month.

“I would highly recommend LawPay to my colleagues and other members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. I know I can trust LawPay to handle our transactions correctly.”

Cathy Christensen
Cathy Christensen & Associates, P.C.
Oklahoma Bar Association, President 2012

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