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Partner Spotlight
Partner Spotlight: Unbundled Attorney

This month, we’re proud to feature Dave Aarons, Co-found...

Amy Mann
May 10, 2017
Claude's Corner
Law Firm Cash Flow: You Should Aim for “90 i...

With a broad legal practice, there is no magic secret to...

Claude Ducloux
Mar 12, 2016
Law Firm Spotlight
Law Firm Spotlight: Turco Legal

This month, the LawPay Law Firm Spotlight is excited to ...

Amy Mann
Sep 02, 2016
Need to Protect Sensitive Data? Get it Out o...

Protecting sensitive data is actually simple for attorne...

Amy Mann
Mar 01, 2017

CLE Courses

CLE Course
What I Wish I'd Learned in Law School

How to run the ethical office.

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CLE Course
Ethics and Social Media in Court

An examination of a variety of real-world cases demonstrating the many ways lawyers have breached rules of ethics or trial procedure with social media and messaging apps.

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CLE Course
Client Communication: Helping You Avoid Grievances

Communication tips from an experienced attorney that will help you build stronger relationships.

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Legal Industry

Practice Management
You’ve Decided to Go Out on Your Own. Now What?

If you are thinking about starting your own firm, here are five things you need to do to make your new venture a success.

CLE Courses
Effective Communications: Resonating with Different Generations

In this 60-minute CLE webinar, attorney Claude Ducloux examines the duty that lawyers have to keep their clients informed, as well as the difficulties that can exist in bridging different communication styles that result from generational differences.

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