Get a complete practice management solution with LawPay and Bill4Time.

LawPay is fully integrated within Bill4Time

LawPay and Bill4Time have joined forces to offer the ultimate efficiency for payments in practice management software. Bill4Time offers valuable features such as intuitive accounting and business tools. By integrating with LawPay, you can accept online payments directly within the Bill4Time platform—eliminating the need to juggle multiple programs.

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Time Tracking

Don't risk losing billable hours to inefficient time tracking. Easily and accurately track time from your computer or mobile device.

Billing & Invoicing

Easily create custom statements and invoices for clients that contain terms, discounts, and fees. Simplify your billing processes and make it easy for clients to pay.

Instant Online Payments

Give your clients a seamless payment experience by letting them pay their invoices immediately through LawPay.

Superior Security

Technology from Bill4Time and LawPay meets or exceeds all ABA and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

How LawPay works for you

Get the most out of LawPay and Bill4Time

Straightforward, competitive pricing
No set-up or cancellation fees
No equipment or swipe needed
Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
Expert in-house support

We did not accept credit cards before LawPay. Since joining LawPay, our clientele has nearly doubled! We love LawPay! It has completely changed our practice.
Maria E. McIntyre