Friendly, automated intake exclusively for attorneys.

Streamline your intake processes with ClientSherpa and LawPay

ClientSherpa is automated client intake for busy law firms. With their easy-to-use process, your firm can have an entirely automated intake process up and running in less than 5 minutes. Just sign up, choose a template form (or build your own), and connect ClientSherpa to any practice or payment management solutions you use—including LawPay!

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Simple, 5-minute setup

Getting started with ClientSherpa couldn't be easier. After a simple 5-minute setup, you can start automating your intake processes, giving you more time in your day to focus on your clients.

Online consultation booking

ClientSherpa automatically syncs with your Office365 or G Suite calendar to make consultation booking a breeze for both you and your client.

Automated reminders

Tired of clients missing appointments or leaving intake forms incomplete? With ClientSherpa, your clients will get automated consultation and intake form reminders to help keep their case running smoothly.

Automatic data synching

ClientSherpa works with whatever tools you're already using. You can synch client intake information to your preferred case management provider, and to your LawPay account.

How it works for your firm

Get the most out of ClientSherpa and LawPay

Straightforward, competitive pricing
No set-up or cancellation fees
No equipment or swipe needed
Advanced fraud protection and data encryption
Expert in-house support