As technology leaders in the legal industry, LawPay and Clio have joined forces to create a modern billing and payment solution for law firms.

LawPay—Powering Clio Payments

Clio Payments is an enhanced integration that allows you to seamlessly use LawPay within Clio.

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Improve your cash flow

Clio Payments, powered by LawPay, helps you get paid easier and faster. Process secure credit card payments without leaving Clio, with the trusted support of LawPay.

Keep track of payments

Clio immediately notifies you of your payment status. Funds are added to your operating account typically within 24 to 48 hours, while the payment record is simultaneously added to the bill in Clio.

Improve operational efficiencies

On average, Clio Payments users get paid 39 percent faster, per initial client bill, than Clio users who don’t. Streamline your entire practice from your legal practice management solution. It’s as simple as sending an email from Clio that includes a PDF copy of the bill and a secure payment link.

Getting set up is quick and easy

Clio Payments takes the pain out of setting up credit card processing tech. The only things you need to start processing are Clio and LawPay accounts, and you can use both programs seamlessly in one interface. Start processing transactions 24 to 48 hours after activation.

How it works for your firm

LawPay is conveniently included with Clio Payments

Competitive pricing

Two plans to choose from

No equipment or swipe needed

Advanced fraud protection and data encryption

Expert in-house support

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