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The multitude of features included with Infotems’ immigration case management software help the modern law firm track all kinds of case details, tasks, and deadlines with reminders, helpful dashboards, and more. Get your forms, documents, contacts, case templates, calendaring, billing—and now electronic payment processing with the integrated Infotems Payments feature powered by LawPay—all in one place.

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Multilingual options

Infotems offers online questionnaire forms in more than 100 languages that your clients can complete using any device, even a smartphone.

Automatic updates from federal agencies

Thanks to convenient federal agency integrations, you can see case status updates from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in real-time and clients’ travel history from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Efficient, effective cloud technology

Use the flexibility and mobility of the cloud to your advantage to securely access data and documents and run an efficient business.

Secure payments

Never worry about how to handle sensitive credit card details with LawPay powering Infotems Payments. You benefit from advanced security, which eliminates the risk of storing payment information in your firm.

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Advanced fraud protection and data encryption

Expert in-house support

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