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You’ve Decided to Go Out on Your Own. Now What?

If you are thinking about starting your own firm, here are five things you need to do to make your new venture a success.

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Understanding United States Immigration & Nationality Laws

This discussion with Claude Ducloux and Paul Parsons will cover what every lawyer should know about immigration law and its current programs.

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3 Steps to a Highly Productive Law Firm

Maddy Martin from Smith AI identifies opportunities for ...

Author - Maddy Martin
Maddy Martin
May 21, 2019
Law Firm Spotlight
Stephenville law firm adds 10% to their bott...

"If you're going to use a credit card system, you should...

Author - John Lehman
John Lehman
Apr 17, 2019
Law Firm Spotlight
Why Freeman Tax Law Trusts LawPay to Support...

Discover why Jeff Freeman can't imagine running his firm...

Author - Callie Hinman
Callie Hinman
Apr 03, 2019
How Law Firms Can Prevent Client Non-Payment

Decrease the number of non-paying clients you deal with....

Author - Callie Hinman
Callie Hinman
Mar 01, 2019

CLE Courses

CLE Course
What I Wish I'd Learned in Law School

How to run an ethical office.

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CLE Course
Biased? Me? How Lawyers Can Recognize and Improve Interpersonal Skills

Exploring implicit bias.

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CLE Course
Creating Strong and Effective Client Relationships: The Art of Collaboration and Communication

Communication tips from an experienced attorney that will help you build stronger relationships.

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