Strategies for Witness Examination (Yours and Theirs)

In both jury and nonjury trials, dealing with difficult witnesses is a crucial skill for attorneys. This session will explore the best tactics for handling your own witnesses, as well as opposing counsels'. We'll step back to examine how witnesses fit into your overall case strategy, and then outline best practices to master the art of witness prep and examination. We'll also explain how to tune in to important nonverbal signals in the courtroom, and we'll review some key ethical principles to guide your witnesses examination tactics.

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Aug 13, 2019 - 3 pm
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60 minutes

Claude Ducloux

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Claude Ducloux, LawPay's director of education, ethics and compliance, has nearly four decades of experience practicing law. Claude has earned many professional honors for his dedication to educating attorneys, including the Gene Cavin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Teaching Continuing Education.

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