Online Payments for Law Firms? You Bet!

By 2017, it is estimated that 95% of non-cash transactions will be paid by credit or debit cards.

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Keeping Payments Simple for Law Firms - NFC, EMV & PCI

For several large retailers, 2014 marked the year of data breaches and fraud. The technology for accepting credit cards and preventing fraud is quickly evolving to protect businesses and card holders.

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Best Benefit Ever: Specialized Credit Card Processing

What’s the benefit? As part of the American Bar Association’s Advantage discounts program, the legal group is offering its members access to LawPay, a credit card processing service designed specifically for legal professionals.

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“As experts in legal payment processing, LawPay keeps me up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry.”

Andrea (Andi) St. Leger
Noelke English Maples St. Leger Blair, LLP
State Bar of Texas



LawPay is the custom card acceptance solution for Bar Association members, attorneys, and law firms, and was developed with the input of our bar association partners and their ethics committees. It is critical for attorneys to handle credit card transactions between their trust and operating accounts correctly. LawPay meets the requirements for the American Bar Association and most state trust account guidelines, as well as the Attorney’s Professional Code of Conduct.

Credit Card Services for the Legal Industry

Austin, Texas, 11-50 employees

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